About us.

We love to dream.

We are not afraid to think out loud! We strive to create furniture pieces that create lifestyles and change the atmosphere of any space.
We love life and we are happy to work for you and with you to get the look and feel that you need from furniture.

Quick Facts About Us

We have been designing furniture since 1998 with a background in the interior design world for a combination of over 68 years with Mckinley and Katherine combined years of experience.

Mckinley Pierre furniture designs have always been considered as to be a part of the fashion world. Before the collection was finished an invite was extended from the Teen Choice Awards to show the first collection. The next showing was for Miami International Fashion Week, which felt like a great standing point for our furniture styles.

Mckinley Pierre furniture is fashion for the furniture world!

Quality And Professionalism

Furniture has to be beautiful, functional, and comfortable. Sometimes that is difficult with art, but it is possible. All of Mckinley Pierre furniture pieces are custom built per order as one-of-a-kind or limited editions. There are many furniture companies for the greater population, but we are for those who love and appreciate furniture art. At Mckinley Pierre we use our skills to help our clients show their own creativity.
We would like to thank our photographers: Benjamin Segal and Ronny Cush